Hunting Threats Intelligently

Your infrastructure and data deserve better security

We are software engineers who have a cybersecurity and military background

Threat Hunting Day and Night

We are on a quest to finding and uncovering every possible threat against your organization so that you can carry on your mission

Effective Threat Intelligence

We monitor traffic on a global scale and look for potential threats so that you can focus all your energy on your business

Deep web
Our global sensors
Our firewalls
Your networks

The traffic reaching your network will be drastically santitized

Our services

Below you can see a list of services that we provide.

Threat Hunting

We hunt for abnormal activity on your servers and endpoints that could indicate a compromise, intrusion, or exfiltration of data.

Threat Intelligence

Our army of honeypots, bots and crawlers provide us with all the information necessary to block malicious traffic. We also use our intel to audit your log files and keep you safe.

DNS Monitoring

We maintain several TLS enabled DNS servers that audit anonymized queries and block domain names that we have determined are malicious with the use of to the minute updated lists.

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